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Coaching Programs

Become The Firefighter Every Department Needs

Forging a community and culture of elite firefighters through
fitness, mindset and leadership.  


Firefighter Prep

Who's It For: Aspiring Firefighters, Firefighter Candidates, Volunteer Firefighters who want to go career.


What Is It: Our Firefighter Prep Program is designed to mold you into an outstanding candidate any department would proudly hire. This comprehensive plan provides custom fitness programming through our user-friendly mobile app, weekly group mindset calls, personalized nutrition coaching, and targeted interview prep. Gain the competitive edge to not just pass the CPAT but to stand out as a top recruit, ensuring you get hired by your dream fire department.

Why You Need It: This program is your key to elevate your physical preparedness, sharpen your mindset, and gain the skills to not only meet but exceed the expectations of any fire department's hiring process.

Hybrid Firefighter

Who's It For: Current Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighters who want to level up. 


What Is It: Level up with our Hybrid Firefighter Program, a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching. Tailored for the firefighter seeking challenges and continuous growth, this program includes job-related strength training, dynamic HIIT workouts, and endurance training, all delivered through our convenient and easy-to-use mobile app. Engage in weekly mindset coaching calls, fostering connections with a community of like-minded firefighters committed to pushing boundaries.

Why You Need It: If you're seeking a physical and mental transformation, personalized coaching, and a supportive community to learn from and grow with, the Hybrid Firefighter Program is your pathway to elevated performance, resilience, and a thriving firefighting career.


Elite Firefighter Prep

Who's It For: Elite Firefighters with specific goals like passing the Smoke Diver Program, excelling in Firefighter Competitions, and beyond.


What Is It: Reach your full potential with our Elite Firefighter Program, expertly crafted by a Florida Smoke Diver. This intentional training regimen is designed to propel you beyond your perceived limits, incorporating burner and maintenance workouts to build stamina, strength, endurance, and the confidence needed to achieve your pinnacle goals. Join weekly mindset coaching calls and connect with a community of elite firefighters all striving for the same exceptional standards.

Why You Need It: The Elite Firefighter Program is the gateway to not only the physical readiness required but also the mental resilience and community support crucial for elite firefighting. Elevate your training, amplify your mindset, and connect with a community dedicated to excellence in firefighting.

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