Do you want to become the FireFighter every department wants to hire?

This unique program will transfrom you into the ideal, physically fit candidate that every department wants to hire!


  • 12-weeks of 5 daily high-impact workouts a week, exercise videos for all fitness levels
  • Health Guides on optimal firefighter nutrition, hydration, and sleep 
  • ​Tips to succeed in the Fire Academy
  • ​Email/DM Support
Hi! My name is Julian Serrano.

I am the Founder of Prepared To Fight Fire and an active firefighter, Florida Smoke Diver, RIT competitor, fire instructor, certified fitness coach, entrepreneur, and ultra runner. 

While I’m proud of my accolades, they fail to acknowledge all of the challenges and setbacks I have overcome throughout the last 9 years of my career. 

Before I became the firefighter I am today, I was overweight and out of shape, but that didn't stop me from chasing after my dream of becoming a firefighter.

I told all my friends and family that the Fire Academy would "be a breeze" and that I’d be the next “top dog” of my class...

In a matter of weeks, I ate my words.
In 2013, I finally got accepted to the Fire Academy after years of trying. But after failing several physical assessments, I flunked out.

This wasn’t the first time I stared failure in the face...

Or the last time that I had my dream of becoming a firefighter within arm's reach.

In 2014, I made it to the end of the hiring process, but I still didn’t get the job.

I kept pushing myself and applying, and I finally began my career in the Fire Service, but the lessons I learned along the way have stuck with me.
I wish something like this existed when I was out of shape as an aspiring firefighter. Maybe it would have stopped me from failing out of the Fire Academy…

But that’s in the past. I can’t change that. 

What I can do is: make this program affordable for anyone who wants to become a firefighter.

Normally an extensive program like this would cost $1,000. To me, this is wild! 

Other fitness programs won't even teach you what is needed to succeed as a firefighter.

This is why I wanted the Prepared To Fight Fire Training Program to be almost offensively affordable.

So for a limited time, you can get this breakthrough firefighter training program and become Prepared to Fight Fire!

Fit-For-Duty Fire Pillar #1: Fitness

What do you call a firefighter with no endurance? A liability. 
Physical entrance exams like the CPAT reinforce the basic requirements of being fit for the job. 

The training and conditioning portion of this program, tailored for all fitness levels, will ensure you reach peak performance to not only succeed in fire school but show up as a top recruit in the hiring process. 

Once hired, you will also be more equipped to accomplish all physical requirements of the job safely, successfully, and with an edge over the other rookies. 

Fit-For-Duty Fire Pillar #2: Health

A healthy candidate is THE foundation to an overall healthy career. 
As a career firefighter, one can expect frequent exposure to high-stress situations that are debilitating to the human body and mind over time. 

Things like sleep deprivation, dehydration, and malnutrition are common in the field and result in a critical need for firefighters to prioritize their health. 

This program will help you optimize your physical and mental performance on the job by dialing in the necessary habits for health:
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Sleep

Your Investment Is Protected By Our 12-month 100% Money-Back Guarantee 

Your investment is protected by our ironclad 12-month refund guarantee.

If for any reason you aren't 100% satisfied, email and we'll issue a refund within 24 hours, no questions asked!


Q. What will the Prepared To Fight Fire Training Program do for me?
A. This 12-week training program will help you improve your physical fitness and establish the routines and habits you need to be a successful firefighter.

We’ll give you everything you need to succeed. You’ll get:
-12 weeks of daily high-impact workouts, exercise videos, and log sheets
-Health Guides on optimal firefighter nutrition, hydration, and sleep
-Tips to succeed in the Fire Academy
-Email/DM Support

Q. Who is the Prepared To Fight Fire Training Program for?
A. This 12-week firefighter fitness training program is for aspiring and current firefighters who want to:
-Become fit-for-duty and reach peak levels of fitness and health. 
-Establish yourself as a top candidate in fire or probationary school. 
-Build life-long habits that will benefit you for the entirety of your career. 
-Step up as a conscious, dependable, and healthy firefighter that the public can trust with their lives.

This program is accessible for all fitness levels. Exercises can be modified and customized to meet you where you are.
Q. How do I get access to my training program?
A. When you invest in yourself today, your programming will be emailed to your inbox.

This can take 5-10 minutes.

That means in the next few minutes, you can start working towards your goals today!
Q. What if the Prepared To Fight Fire Training Program doesn’t work for me?
A. Your investment in the Prepared To Fight Training Program will be protected by our ironclad 12-month 100% money back guarantee.

Q. How do I get started?
A. That’s the easiest part!
To join the Prepared To Fight Fire Training Program, you can click the button below to get started today!

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